Introducing The Newly Opened


Kefalovriso Bar

Just a short distance from downtown Perista


In the summer of 2005 a great thing happened that was a long time in coming. Perista Association of Athens, and other fellow villagers, led by Thanasis Kanganis, finally opened a night spot for the youth (and occasionally the past youth) of Perista .

Although it was not complete, Thanasis, with the support of others, struggled successfully to open the bar and have music, lighting, seats, tables and even a barman so that it may be enjoyed by everyone in the village this summer. This man must be congratulated for his efforts.

A lot of out-of-pocket money has been laid out in advance to move the project forward. Financial help is needed to offset the expense created by this great asset and any donations will be greatly appreciated.

Please wire/send your donations to:


ΕΘΝΙΚΗ ΤΡΑΠΕΖΑ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΑΔΟΣ (National Bank of Greece)

Account number 103/754732-37.


This account is held by the Perista Association of Athens.


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