Early Peristian immigrants - Roumeliotis that arrived in New York in 1888 and 1891. One of the most historic photographs of Peristians found to date. Seated is Nicholas Michael Andreopoulos. To the right, the young man holding his derby hat is the son of Thanasakis who died in New York at an early age in 1900 . To the left with the light colored round hat in hand is Nicholas' brother, John or Wilson who died in New York at an old age  in 1960. In the middle (arrow) is George M. Andreopoulos, brother of Nicholas and John. George, was one of the three Peristians who arrived at New York in 1888. Upon George's return trip to Perista in 1895, he drowned along with many Spartans when their ship collided with a Spanish warship in The Straits of Gibralter.