In this section I will attempt to provide all the data I have accumulated

about our village prior to the 19th century 


Aitolia, AR Quarter Stater. 279-168 BC. Head of Aitolia right, wearing kausia, AE in fields. / AITWLWN, Kalydonian boar

(Collection of George C. Sakellaris)


Population of Perista by the "Jews" during the 12th century

Additional literary notation regarding the "Jews" in Perista

This coin was unearthed beneath 12" of hard packed soil in "The Lacomata" above the village.

It dates back to the Venetian "Crusades"

(Collection of George C. Sakellaris)


Documentation of the "Kravara" by the Ottoman Turks (1454-1455)

When the Ottoman Turks first conquered Greece, they inventoried most everything in every village and town.

Translated to Greek by George Liakopoulos

You will note that at that time "Perista" was then known as "Birista"

Ref.pgs. 446, 479, 496, 508 and 509. On pg. 509 you will find a list of the occupants of the village.

Starting at p. 527 there is an alphabetical list of names.


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